Spa Resort Hawaiians

50, Warabidaira, Fujiwaramachi,
Joban, Iwaki-shi,
Fukushima, 972-8326, Japan

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Hot Spring

Historically Renowned Hot Spring with Massive Flow Volume of 5.5 Tons per Minute

The source of the spa is Iwaki Yumoto Hot Spring, which was first discovered in the fourth century during the reign of Emperor Keiko (12th sovereign in Japan’s Imperial line), father of Prince Yamato Takeru. From the Nara and Heian periods of ancient Japan, the spring already ranked with Arima and Dogo as one of Japan’s top three iconic hot spring resorts. From the Kamakura period (12th to 14th centuries), the spring developed as the premiere spot for hot spring rejuvenation under the name of Sahako Spring. During the Edo era, it flourished as the only hot spring town along the pivotal Rikuzenhama Highway route. This historical hot spring provides water for the entire resort—from the hotel guestrooms to the wide range of theme park pools.

Iwaki Yumoto Hot Spring

The primary source of this hot spring is fossil seawater and deep-sea water that has had no contact with the air for 20,000 to 30,000 years and is said to gush forth in an inexhaustible supply. This seawater was sealed off in the Iwaki region during ancient times as a result of repeated transitions from ocean to land triggered by massive movements of the earth’s crust. It mixes with nonfossil ocean water, rainwater, and other natural water, welling up as a hot spring heated by the friction of the movements of geological plates.

FaciliFes of Spa Resort Hawaiians

The resort makes plentiful use of Iwaki Yumoto Hot Spring waters, and as a single facility ranks as Japan’s hands-down leader in the sheer consumption of hot spring water. The rich supply of this hot water makes it possible for the water to largely avoid contact with air inside the pipelines used to transport it. This means that the water arrives in an extremely fresh state. Besides simply soaking in the spa water, guests can also take advantage of the wide range of facilities offered by the resort, including baths with massaging jets and cascading water baths, to enjoy a richer hot spring experience.

Spring Water Quality and Benefits

The waters here include sulfur spring waters, which are believed to be effective in easing the symptoms of various lifestyle related illnesses, and chloride spring waters, which are renowned for their warming effects. This is one of Japan’s few resort venues where both types of spring water can be enjoyed in the same spot.

Sulfur Spring

In this dining district, you can enjoy locomoco, fresh pineapple juice, and numerous other Hawaiian foods and beverages.

Chloride Spring

The body warming effects of these waters keep bathers feeling toasty even after they get out of the hot spring baths. Sodium and other minerals make the water buoyant, and this further encourages relaxation.